16 beads of synthetic howlite shaping a drop.

Deep and simple

Grasstrees are Australian iconic plants, over the thirty species, most of them are extremely slow growing, grass trees are often very long-lived; some are estimated to be 350 to 450 years old! Many species have an amazing ability to survive fire. A fire may burn their leaves and blacken their trunks, but the trees usually survive: the living growth-point is buried underground, protected by tightly packed leaf bases. Even some of them are stimulated by fires! They also provide a perfect protection for kangaroos. If you are curious, here is way more to learn about those incredible plants, they were so useful for the aboriginals people ➸ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xanthorrhoea
The name of those earrings are Walyunga from the Nationnal park.
Walyunga could, roughly translated, means ‘happy place’. Local Nyoongar people believe the Swan River was carved by the Waugal, and greet the dreamtime serpent here by rubbing sand on their bodies and throwing it in the water.