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MaChaPiaNa jewellery is above all the desire to create beauty with upcycling or locally buy materials, and which can be worn in any circumstance. It us also a social approach that aims to respect ethical, animal and human principles. Created by traveling, our jewellery is unique as you are.

“The creative adult is the child you survived”

U. LeGuin

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

A. Einstein

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on”

A. Einstein

Customer Reviews

These are my best new earrings for work and play. Love them! Super quick response and delivery and great communication with the seller!


They trusted us!

LOVE wearing my unique moonstone earrings on a full moon night. Magical! Thank you Machapiana!!


“Creativity is a natural extension for our enthusiasm”

Earl Nightingale

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We are thinking of the future, our land and our children,

so we are committed to create a better tomorrow.

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